Attention: Allegheny County Property Owners


The 2013 reassessment is over and for the most part, except for some appeals that are still dragging on, history.  After the 2013 reassessment, many taxpayers appealed there new assessment.  Many were disappointed with the results of their appeal but the issue is not lost.  You have a right to an annual appeal and may ask for another hearing for the current year.   Allegheny County appeals must be filed by March 31 for the 2015 tax year.  If you think your market value is too high give us a call. We can help.


Allegheny County is one of the few Pennsylvania Counties where the School Districts actively pursue tax appeals on recently purchased properties to increase the tax revenue.  This is legally allowed as the taxing bodies have the same status as the taxpayer.  A recent sale price is considered good evidence of market value and market value is the only issue in a tax assessment appeal.

So what options does a recent purchaser have when the School District comes to call?  You must be prepared to challenge the validity of the sale price.  To make that challenge you must be familiar with real estate appraisal methods as well as legal and taxing rules and statutes.  There is an equalization factor called the Common Level Ratio.  Does it apply or does the Pre-determined ratio apply?  A sale price is usually good evidence and to defend against the appeal you need a person with legal and appraisal knowledge to stand a chance. Call us.  We can help.

How Can W.L.Rodgers Help Allegheny County Property Owners?

W.L. Rodgers is the right choice to represent you for  hearings of property tax appeals in Allegheny County.  We will provide evidence and examine opposing evidence to make sure you are treated fairly.

The  appeal hearing is held in front of the Allegheny County Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review, and attorneys from the School District and Municipality may attend and cross examine your testimony of market value.  We will be at your side to make sure your rights are protected.

W.L. Rodgers has expertise in the appeal rules and assessment law, as well as the appraisal process.  We have the knowledge and training to cover all aspects of the process to get you a fair assessment. We have represented hundreds of clients in the appeals process and appeals to the Common Pleas Court.. We can help you too.

Contact us  and we will ensure you pay only your fair share of property taxes in Allegheny County.

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