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Informal appeals need a good suit.

The informal tax assessment appeals for Allegheny County will begin in January, 2012. Don’t be fooled into thinking the process is not important.  In fact, it can be very important to correcting errors concerning the market value of your property and the resulting tax bill.  Make sure you are prepared to talk about the value […]

The Wolf is at the door


It looks like the preliminary numbers for the Allegheny County tax assessment are coming soon for the city of Pittsburgh and Mt. Oliver. This may give taxpayers an opportunity for an “informal appeal.”  An informal appeal is an unofficial meeting whereby the taxpayer can correct errors or data imputed to their property by the county […]

2012 Allegheny County Reassessment: Where Does It Stand?

The County has told the Judge who ordered the real estate tax reassessment that they are behind schedule due to lack of qualified assessors needed to complete the process on time. The original plan was to have the preliminary assessments done sometime in 2011. The latest news is that May of 2012 may be the […]

The Big Lie in Allegheny County!

The Big Lie

Opponents of the Court-ordered property tax reassessment in Allegheny County allege that Allegheny is being treated unfairly because other surrounding counties use the base year system and are not forced to reassess, putting Allegheny at a commercial and competitive disadvantage. That is an inaccurate and untrue statement. Remember that the suit to force reassessment was brought by […]

Why Do Politicians Fight Against Reassessment?

The obvious facts are that the people in charge of taxation don’t care if they get 75% of their money from one person and 25% from another even though both own properties of equal value, as long as they get 100% and don’t jeopardize elections. Voters are inflamed when their taxes are raised and local […]

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