Q: How do I know if I am being fairly assessed?

A: For your assessment to be fair, it should be based on the current market value.  If you the know the accurate current market value and you know your county’s pre-determined assessment ratio, then your answer is simple.  However, if you don’t know the accurate current market value or the ratio that should be applied, W.L. Rodgers can determine it and then represent you if appealing your assessment makes sense.


Q: If my assessment is wrong and I’m paying too much in taxes, what can I do?

A: You can contact us at W.L. Rodgers and we will:  1) determine if you are over-assessed; 2) file a tax assessment appeal with your county assessment office; 3) prepare all the evidence needed for the appraisal hearing; and 4) represent you at that hearing.


Q: Is there a cut-off date for me to file my appeal?

A: There are different date deadlines for the different counties throughout Pennsylvania.  Therefore, you must contact the county assessment office to determine the filing dates.


Q: How much will it cost me to appeal my assessment?

A: In many cases, a contingency fee can be arranged.  This means we will pursue your appeal at no cost to you.  You only pay if we save you money by reducing your property’s assessed value.


Q: In a county-wide re-assessment, how long do I have to file after I receive notice of new assessment?

A: 40 days from the date of the statement.


Q: I just bought my house and the school district appealed my assessment.  What can I do about it?

A: In setting the assessment, the recent sales price of your home must be considered, but other factors (uniformity, common level ratios, etc.) also contribute to the assessed value.  If the school district is trying to get the assessed value to be set at the sales price, don’t give in without a fight.  We may be able to mitigate the importance of the sales price to save you money.


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