Understanding the Property Tax Appeals Process

“Knowing the law is one thing. But understanding the intricacies of market value is usually the most critical piece of the assessment puzzle.”
~Larry Rodgers

The property assessment and appeals arena is overwhelming. When property owners try to seek help to appeal an over-assessment, they often look for legal advice.  However, a property appeal case is often more a combination of value and law.  The pivotal issue in most cases is the property’s market value.

Why and When Do Your Property Taxes Increase?

There are only six ways that your property taxes can increase:

Court House

  • Politicians raise the millage rates.
  • You make an improvement to your property that increases its market value.
  • The county conducts a county-wide re-assessment.
  • The county votes to increase the pre-determined ratio.
  • You appeal your assessment with weak evidence and it results in an increase in your market value.
  • Your school district or municipality files an appeal against you and wins.

What Can W.L. Rodgers Do For You?

If you think you’re paying too much, put us to work for you.  We will:

  • Meet with you to learn your opinion of your property’s value
  • Do our own evaluation of the property based on our appraisal expertise and resources
  • Determine the accuracy of your assessment based on the fair market value of your property.

If we believe your property has been over-assessed, we will file an appeal and represent you at your formal hearing.

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