Larry Rodgers Stands Apart from the Rest

With literally thousands of tax and real estate attorneys out there, why should you choose Larry Rodgers to help you win your property assessment battle?

  • With over 20 years of experience primarily in Western Pennsylvania, Larry has put thousands of tax dollars back into his clients’ pockets.
  • Larry is an attorney, a Pennsylvania Certified General Appraiser and a Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator (CPE): a winning combination because the appeals process can be BOTH a legal and a property valuation matter.  Larry can fight both battles for you.
  • Larry’s extensive knowledge of real estate appraisal methods ensures an accurate market value estimate.
  • If your property is truly over-assessed, Larry will take your case.
  • Larry is flexible in the way he approaches each case and can work with you to offer individualized service, providing a combination of legal and property appraisal services on a contingency, flat fee or hourly basis as needed.
  • W.L. Rodgers maintains its own databases of property sales as well as subscribes to various databases of sales, capitalization rates, investment rates etc.  This information is critical since there are three required approaches to determining value: 1) cost 2) income and 3) sales comparison.

Larry’s Proven Record Speaks for Itself

Larry works in many arenas and has reduced assessed property values by:


Dollar Sign44% to save $85,000 for an Industrial Warehouse in Cranberry Twp, Butler County.

27% to save $10,000 for an office building owner in Allegheny County.

60% to save $19,500 for a meat packing plant in Crawford County.

50% to save $9,000 for a retail building owner in Westmoreland County.

23% to save $3,000 for a home owner in Allegheny County.

W. L. Rodgers files are filled with hundreds of other winning cases like these.

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